The project FS-FlightControl is a Flight Instructor Operator Station for the flight simulator environments Prepar3d® from Lockheed Martin and the Flight Simulator X from Microsoft.

It is build for professional flight instructor use, but there is also a home license for private, non-commercial use for flight enthusiasts with home simulators.

Just a quick overview about its numerous features:

  • Aircraft approach positioning.
  • Real-Time moving map.
  • Change weather conditions.
  • Aircraft pushback control.
  • Fuel and load your aircraft.
  • Change camera view and slew mode.
  • Control aircraft failures.
  • Aircraft data overview.
  • Datailed graphical statistics.
  • Remote computer control.
  • Everything customizable to your needs.

Andreas Breitschopp is as company CEO responsible for the project FS-FlightControl.


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